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Bamboo Incense Sticks with Holder

Bamboo Incense Sticks with Holder

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Transform any space into a sanctuary with our Gentle Ambient Bamboo Incense Sticks. Crafted for tranquility, each stick releases a calming fragrance. Complete with a sleek holder, it's the perfect addition to your relaxation routine.

Product specifications:

40 Incense sticks bound with wild honey in each pack 

Soft Sunset- Sandalwood, Sap Amber & Vanilla 

Wild Rose- Rose, Smoked Vanilla & Soft Earth

White Dove- Lavender, Black Pepper & Jasmine Flower

Center Peace- White Sage, Shaved Lime & Patchouli

Earth Dust- Myrrh, Fresh Linen & Cedar Dust

Moon Light- Night Jasmine, Ylang Ylang & Musk


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