The heart wants what the heart wants...

That’s pretty much the basis for how our story started, as well as how it’s going today. Before Morrison Mercantile (our original store) was ever a glimmer in Claire’s eye, there was a knowing in her heart that there was more to life than a 9-to-5 behind a desk. In 2018 the stars aligned when we discovered the cutest little ol’ historical house available on the main street in Morrison. We decided to take the leap to create a storefront … and the Morrison Mercantile was born.

Four years later, in 2022, we opened up a sister store, Hygge Mercantile, in the heart of Kittredge, Colorado. Both stores are family run and owned. If Morrison Mercantile is the quirky, adorable, laid-back little sister who loves a good vintage find, then Hygge Mercantile is the slightly more elegant, eclectic, stylish older sister who’s way into home goods. Neither take themselves too seriously.

Even though each store has its own unique personality, our mission with both is the same: to provide customers with not only beautiful, unique gifts for others (and themselves, too), but it’s also to connect with our customers and bring them joy. Every little thing in our stores has been hand-chosen for its happiness factor. Because life is too short to not surround yourself with things that bring you joy. 

Next time you’re in town, pop in to say hello, browse our displays and discover what’s new. We love meeting our customers and connecting over a shared love of unique and creative gifts.

  • Happiness

    Our stores are a vibe … inspired by a love of curated, one-of-a-kind gifts, meaningful finds, funny and quirky and perfectly imperfect treasures that just feel HAPPY. Many customers tell us that they come to visit because our stores just “feel happy,” and we couldn’t agree more. Sourcing items for our customers, putting together custom gift sets (Happy Packs) and even creating just the right displays make us feel happy - and that transfers to those who shop with us.

  • Family

    It’s always been about family with us. Both Morrison and Hygge Mercantile stores are owned and operated by our family members. Most days you’ll find our daughter behind the counter or our niece wrapping a customer’s gift or my (Claire’s) sister running the store. We love involving everyone in some aspect of the business, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Community

    Connecting with our customers and community is a huge part of our business. We love to host in-store holiday events, and donate to local schools and charities when we can. One of our favorite things about what we do is the customers … we’ve developed cherished friendships with many customers over the years. Honestly, some people just come to hang out with us in the store, lingering for hours looking at everything and enjoying our company. We love it, too.

  • Creativity

    For us, expressing your authentic self is at the heart of everything we believe in. From the way you dress, to the way you style your home or the type of things you find funny - these are the things that make you YOU. Our stores definitely reflect our personal taste and humor, and are a way for us to express creativity. We hope to inspire you to embrace all the beautiful and quirky aspects of your creative self too.

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Embracing the art of blending vintage charm with contemporary finds, harmonizing statement pieces and budget-friendly embellishments, or indulging in the harmony of chocolate and coffee. Our staff favorites overflow with handpicked, heartwarming gems that exude uniqueness in every way.

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