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Old Pine

Old Pine Candle Co

Old Pine Candle Co

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Made in Colorado!! Old Pine Candles are 100-percent American made with soy wax that burn up to 50 hours, in natural scents that inspire relaxation, creativity, self-care, coziness and the trappings of a mountain lifestyle. Old Pine candles are now made in a home studio in the foothills of Evergreen by the couple and their small team of friends. 

Phthalate-free and paraben-free Burn time: 45+ hours Dimensions: 2.9”W x 3.6”H

Mountain Man - Sandalwood, Amber & Smoke.  The musk of a mountain man is enough to clear your senses. The new Mountain Man captures the essence of sitting by the fire in a cozy, aged mountain cabin with a blend of sandalwood, amber, and smoke, with a hint of fresh tobacco.

Golden Hour - Oakmoss + Spruce.  This earthy blend of oakmoss and spruce evokes a cool forest floor with wildflowers in the air using notes of fresh balsam and subtle gardenia to treasure the small moments of the day.

Alpine Currant - Red Currant & Fig. A blend of red currant and fig yields notes of bright berry, tart grapefruit, delicate geranium, and grounding fig leaves. This vibrant candle represents the ubiquitous backcountry berry and the hike that takes us to it.

Evergreen - Blue Spruce Inspired by the scents radiating from our Evergreen community, this scent will take you to a quiet lakeside morning surrounded by soaring Blue Spruce Pines.

Sundays - Lavender & Vetiver. No reason to panic. This blend of lavender and vetiver will help you stay relaxed, grounded, and get your mind off Monday. You do you.

Alpenglow - Amber & Moss. The warm, earthy stillness that puts the world on pause as the sun stretches across the earth to cast its warm glow will help you slow down and reflect.

Mountain Meadow - Gardenia, Black Pepper & Bergamot. The sweet floral scent of gardenia with citrus-spicy bergamot and black pepper hits peak summer vibes any time of the year.

Sweater Weather - Ginger, Cloves & Cinnamon. When the air gets brisk, layer up and get cozy with the spices of ginger, clove, and cinnamon.

New Moon - Sage & Cedarwood. When it’s time to reset and refresh. This invisible phase of the moon gives us an opportunity to reflect and set our intentions for the next moon cycle. Sage to heal and cleanse. Cedarwood to comfort and elevate.

Summit - Pine & Citrus. The burn of cold air in your lungs after a long haul through the alpine. Feel rejuvenated and alive with this blend of citrus and pine.

Wake & Bake - Start the day with a relaxing blend of coffee and cannabis. It will mellow out your morning and put you in the perfect mood to cruise through the day.

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